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Want To Buy Starter Kit, But From Where?

I've emailed EZ-Robot without response, which makes me a bit iffy about ordering. But I'm interested in the EZ-Robot starter kit. I live in Calgary and would like to arrange to come pick a kit up rather then order online, pay for shipping and wait for delivery.

Does anyone know who I can get in touch with to discuss this further?


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How long ago did you fill out the Contact Us form? Did you receive a confirmation email? Sometimes our emails end up in the junk/spam folder - not sure why:)

On the STORE page, there are links to resellers of the EZ-Robot kit. However, it'll probably be easiest to buy from us:)
Thanks DJ,

You know what, I didn't get a confirmation email. It could very well be my email system marking it as spam, We use Postini and I haven't checked whats in there.

I would love to order on right now. Could you guys Currier it me at my office? or can I come pick it up?
Dan, I see the message from Contact Us sent today at 1:22 PM - Alan will respond to you:) For sure check the spam/junk folder. I don't know why we get junk'd sometimes, but it sucks!

Thanks DJ,

Just traded all my old Xbox games for a Konnect. Hows support coming for that?
That's what I've been working on. When I'm quite on the website, expect something big. There's a few biggies in the upcoming release - no spoilers yet. But I can say kinect is the release after the next.
@fortis I have three ezb and just made a order. They are awesome products and I recommend it to anyone. I have buddies ordering these to automate the pumps and led lighting on saltwater fishtanks. Some are getting them to give old toys new life, make our own air soft . mech warriors to battle but me personally I buy ez robot to make my dreams come true.- Josh S
Yep this will be my first robot. I'm really excited and hope it's as rewarding as it sound. I've always been fascinated, and for the last few years I've found myself surfing robot msg boards and looking at gear id like to buy. I think I've finally landed. After reading the boards here and assessing the product from afar I'm ready.

Sounds like someone here in Calgary is going to drop a kit off for me right away so I extremely excited.

Can anyone recommend decent, readily available and cheap building materials? For instance, how are Meccano parts? For making the frame and/or constructing grippers? :D

Cheers, Fortisq-
Hey buddy check the Gold Robot Daily Deal s thread. I recommend you pick a cool toy (in your opinion ofcourse) to mod. That thread had tracked robots. Walking robots. Bug robots even flying robots all under 100 dollars to hack to your content.
Welcome fortisq,

I think you can use anything you are capable of working with. I too have a small collection of Meccano that I am mucking around with, looking for ideal uses... or you could just use the EZ-Robot box:) Also, Hot glue is great for prototyping!
I prefer plastic and fiberglass;)