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Asked — Edited

Wall-E Voice Eprom

He DJ Sures,

In one youtube movies you show that you dremeld the voice eprom and changed it a little to integrate it with the EZ-B how did you do that?


I want to do the same:)


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That was on the little wall-e i had built. It was from the Interactive Wall-E. I don't recall what wires I used. I can check the robot when I am back in Calgary. I'm currently 2,400 KM away for the next 3 weeks.
That's right I have the Wall-e I.
I've watched your movie a lot of times and just can't see enough to try it.

Okej that's far far away:)

On a holiday ?:)

If so enjoy !!
bump, can this be added to a big wall-e (u command wall-e?)
Don't know, have to wait until Tuesday.
Than i get my "U Command Wall-E"

The interactive wall-e it was easy to do, if you watch the demo movie of the making off wally by Djsures.

But if the U command layout is the same as the interactive it's just seeking for the right connection and solder away:)
Trying is the best way:)