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So, I'm sure you have received this message a thousand times but I'm going to be 1001 haha.

My name is Jake and I have a 6 year old. He is SUPER into Wall-E - but also how Wall-E works. He has watched your video on making your robot wall-e 100 times. Ok, maybe not that many but we just watched it again this morning haha.

As of now he and I have created multiple "wall-e"'s out of cardboard, wood, paper - you name it. He also has a few wall-e toys including the remote control one and also the one you used to make your robot.

Inspired by your video we have slowly taken a part his wall-e toy (not the remote control one) because he is so curious how it works. The things is - I am as far from a roboticist as humanly possibly. I have no robotics or mechanical inclination. I feel bad for the kid because he wants to build something like you did but I have no idea where to begin - other than taking it apart!

So, I'm wondering if you have or could offer any sort of instruction (products needed, step by step instruction) of how to do the project you did with wall-e? I wish you were close enough so we could just visit and he could see your project haha!

Anyway, if you have any advice, tips, etc. I'd appreciate it. I just want to encourage my son's interest but feel completely inadequate in the intelligence department with these things to help him haha!


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First, Welcome to the community. You have come to the right place.

What state are you in? It is quite possible that there is a community member who is in your area that could assist some. Even if there isn't the community is filled with people able to help. You should probably start with the EZ-B v4 Developer Kit and a micro servo. I would make sure to purchase EZ-Robot parts because they are specifically designed to handle the next thing I am going to tell you to get.

The robot needs a battery. The battery that is sold here is a 7.4V lipo battery. The servos are setup to run at this voltage.

Since you need a battery, you need something to charge said battery. Since this is a multi-cell lipo battery, charging the battery evenly across its cells is important. For this, you need a smart charger. The one that is sold here is a smart charger and designed to work with the 7.4V lipo battery that is also sold here.

Once you get these parts in, you will be able to start asking how/why/what questions that are specific to your project. This will help people walk you through the build.

Thanks and happy building David


In addition to Dave's list, the Lipo Battery Harness

is useful. It allows you to plug the battery into the power base that comes in the developers kit. Now, you may decide the power base takes up too much space, in which case you would need a Mini-Deans connector to replace the Deans connector on the battery, and that would take some soldering skill as well, so best to try to make it fit.



Hello , I can tell you dagu gearboxes as well as continuous servos both are options power walle movement. Even a Tamiya double gearbox is an option.


Find build pictures here:

Good luck! It'll be a lot of fun