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Wall-E Mp3/Wav Files

Where can I find the wav files used in the EZ wall-e example? I want to put them on the sparkfun card I have and I cannot locate them or mp3 versions of them. I am finishing up this xmas present and time is short!:)


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Well if you have the DVD you could record the audio from it on your computer...
or maybe there are some clips on youtube you could use...
I found them using "Wall-e Sounds" in google. I found a bunch of MP3 files - those are the ones within the Wall-e Example Project file in ARC.
United Kingdom
I have tried to get the sounds off the net and I found that the ones with the largest selection seem to have them in a flash file, so as far as my abilities go I can not get them from those sites.

I did find this site today if it is of any use to you, MP3 and M4r formats.

Wall.e sounds
how did you get them from there?
Have it open in Windows Media Player.
Play the sound.
Click on the "Media Libray", right tool bar.
Then go up to the tool bar on top and click add, then click on "Add current playing track".
Done and saved.

Hope this helps.
United Kingdom
Or just right click on the links and save the target (methods differ depending on browser - Chrome is Save Target As... look for something similar in your browser)