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Wall-E Head Movement Help!

Hey All,

I'm trying to finish up my Wall-E build.

I have the track/motors, arms, sonar all done.

Trying to tackle the head. All I want is simple left/right
and up/down.

I've been browsing the forum and looking at as many
builds but haven't got a clear picture of how people
are doing this.

I can do the left/right easily, it's the up/down that I'm
not sure how to carve in.

I could use a helping/guiding hand please.


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Check out my Real Wall-e project page: http://www.ez-robot.com/Robots/The-Real-Wall-E

Look at the video of the Real Wall-e. Near the end, you'll see short snipplets of how i put together his head. You'll have to use full screen and pause on occasion - but it's all there:)
Ah! I see now!!!

I'll crack his head open tonight.