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Wall - E Components


I just came across the Wall E DIY project yesterday and am seriously interested in making on of those. I am very confused regarding the parts list for the robot. All the links DJ Sures provide are expired. Are you selling the preprogrammed control board I would be really interested in getting on of those since it would provide me a better platform to start on. The kit EZ robot offers seems to have most of the components but I am doubtful about the actual controller board that does inside the robot since the space is so tight.

Please advise me on what controller board and components to get for the wall E robot. I would greatly appreciate it.


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This was built using the previous controller. There have been quite a few people who have done similar builds using the current controller. The new camera will fit in the eye still but it is a tight fit. All of the products you need are available in the store.

You can use the servos here, and the EZ-B V4 for the controller. There are other sensors that you can use in the store. There are more sensors being added to the store this week that would offer more abilities also.

There are also a lot of builds that people have documented in this forum. Use the search and look up Wall-E and you will see quite a few projects.

Also, welcome to the forum. There are many people here who will be happy to answer any questions you have.


The new EZ-B v4/2 Developer Kit will fit in the wall-e. I hope you are referring to the Wall-E Ultimate from this video:

I had built a smaller wall-e, but it would not fit any of the ez-b controllers. It was way too small and only fit a custom controller. That wall-e wasn't much fun anyway:) The bigger Ultimate Wall-e is much more fun!

Get the EZ-B v4/2 Developer Kit and the build process is nearly the same. Maybe one day when I have time I will make an EZ-B v4 Wall-e


At a minimum I would think that you want the V4 controller, a Lipo battery and charger, 2 rotational servos, 3 HD servos, 1 micro servo and the V4 camera with an extension cable. You would also want to get a alternate power adaptor. You might need a servo extension cable for the micro servo.

The 2 rotational servos would be for the tracks 2 of the 3 HD servos would be for the arms 1 of the 3 HD servos would be for the pan on the head the micro servo would be for the tilt on the head the V4 Camera could go in the eye.

The EZ-B V4 controller would drive all of this without any issue.

The two thick wires on the lipo battery can be cut to work with the alternate power adaptor.

If you purchased the kit ($229), you would also want to pickup the following 1 micro servo - $19 lipo battery - $15 charger - $30 camera extension cable - $3 Servo extension cable - $1 Shipping and duty fees if any apply... Your looking at about $300 in parts on top of the cost of the Wall-E. I used the U-Command version of the Wall-E with my Wall-E V4 build. Its tight but the V4 will fit. I am not saying that you have to do this, but I ended up making some modifications on the V4 to remove the base and power it without the base to give more room. I have seen others who have left the base on and the V4 still fit inside the U Command version.

If you went this route, you would have these parts extra AA Battery holder - Good to have anyway 2 wheels - Could be used on something else ping sensor with voltage regulator - This could be added to your project 1 HD servo - Always nice to have a spare

Other than the body modifications, everything else should plug up nicely except for the camera extension cable. I pull pins from these to connect the two cables.


One other thing that I want to mention. If this is your first robot build, I would use the servos from EZ-Robot. They are very good servos and are rated to handle the power that is put out by the Lipo battery. If you use other servos and dont understand how to limit volts, you stand a chance of burning up these non-EZ-Robot servos.


Thank you so much everyone. This is my first robot, I've done a demolition derby autonomous car before based on an arduino uno. That was a long time ago and now I want to get back to the AI and autonomous robot projects. Using the Ez-B is going to a new venture. I appreciate the support. I'll get all the parts you mentioned above @d.cochran, I'll let you know any problems I run into while building over the weekend.


Hey DJ Sures I wanted to ask you will there be any difference in the wiring and coding of the EZ-B V4 compared to the older board. Do you think I could buy the old board one pre programmed from you or somewhere else. And could you give me a link to the bigger ultimate wall E, the toy I got right now is 6.5x8.5x10.5 inches, 2.1 pounds


I think that you will find that the EZ-B V4 is very easy to work with if you have arduino experience. When you plug up the servos to the V4, BLACK WIRE GOES TO BLACK PORT on the V4. This is something that my students seem to forget from time to time so I wanted to make sure to say it. While you are waiting for your parts, I would download ARC and start getting familiar with it. Even without being attached to a robot, there is a lot to learn from it. Also, I would spend some time in the Learn section of this website. There is a lot of good information that will help you with your build, even if it isn't talking specifically about your build.

Good luck and let us know if we can help in any way.


An important note, that from your questions seems you may have missed. The "Wall-E" program, or any other program are not on the board like an Arduino. the EZ-B communicates with a program running on a PC via WiFi (EZ-Builder) or in a more limited fashion on an Android or iPhone device (you build the interface on a PC in EZ_builder, then upload to the cloud and download to your mobile device). This allows far more power and flexibility in the capabilities then a program running on a microcontroller.

The Wall-E EZ-B project should work with very few modifications with the v4 board. Just a change to the connection and camera controls to use the V4 IP address rather than the com port and the old 2.4ghz camera. However, I would also change the sound board to use an V4 soundboard so the sounds come from the EZ-B in the Wall-E rather than from your PC.

After running through some of the tutorials here, starting your project from scratch would be about as easy as modifying the Wall-E project from the EZ-Cloud.


Thank you everyone for your help. I just took apart the wall-E robot and am learning the Ez-B software while my developers kit arrives.


The question has been resolved I am now waiting for parts and have already completed the lessons and playing around with the software meanwhile.

Thank you.


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