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Only ones that will work is VUZIX WRAP 1200VR ABOUT $500 TO $600


Thank you ouch, but when your in your all in right?


You can use the 1200 or 920 vr. Any pair will work - but only the VR models contain the accelerometer feature. If you wish to control servos with your head, you need the VR version.

Check eBay sometimes too for good deals on the older 920VR. I use the 920.

Also make sure the version you get has a VGA or HDMI or whatever your laptop video uses.


i didnt know about 920vr,when i look at the site before it was not listed as ones the sell now i see they dont make it any more STILL $320 is a lot for the glasses ,i guess will wait till price drops a lot ,better to get the 1200vr,better support

and can easy get adapter from HDMI TO VGA OR VGA TO HDMI


thank you I will find a pair some where.


I ebay i amlooking too ,for a good price and have email me when there are more vuzix glasses