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Voice Recognition Question

Hey Forum..

i have problem with voice recognition ,,.

when i add voice recognition the follow message appears to my screen..( i use windows 10)

User-inserted image

Regards Thanos


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Do you have a microphone on your PC or plugged into it? If not you need one as the error message suggests...


Expanding on Richard's response. Yes, you need a soundcard for speech recognition. If you do have one, ensure the correct listening device is configured. For more information, view the manual page for the speech recognition control here:

All other assistance for controls can be viewed in the learn section by pressing Learn at the top of this website.


Hello Dj and Richard...,

I am using a new one board pc, like Raspberry pi and i couldn't set up correctly the Mic...,

thanks a lot for the reply ;)


Which board are you using? That's exciting!