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Voice Recognition

i have win7 home.if i by a voice recognition ,will it work whit ez builder? *blush*


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Win 7 already has voice recognition, you do not need to buy it... Yes, it will work with ARC
no not win7 home.only win7 ultimate
Hmmm, I have windows 7 home (service pack 1) and I have voice recognition... I use it everyday with ARC
do you have a link pleazze
Maybe because mine is Windows Home premium... Is Ultimate another version?
mine is also win7 home premium service pack 1.duth language.
ultimate is higher version.
voice recognition is included in Win 7 home, and yes It will work. Unless you are referring to a third party software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking , that one will work also.
mine doesn have it.
User-inserted image

maybe i have to adjust here something?
User-inserted image
If you change the language to English it will work, Dragon Naturally Speaking does support dutch but it is a little bit pricey.
yes i seen some priwes of dragon.thank you