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Voice Commands/Speech Recognition

hello there
first of all i have no idea if i am in the right place :/.
I am in the process of collecting my bb8 bot's parts and wile playing around with my ezb-v4 i was just wondering if there are plans to add voice commands/speech recognition to the ios/android apps ? because i think that would be a very cool and futuristic feature :).
I'm thinking that with the help of GPS and some sensors my robot could return to my location and other things with just one command (inspired by knight rider:) ).
at the moment i am thinking that with bb8 being sealed off on the inside then i could use any form of two way communication as in walkie talkies or some thing like that :/ .
well that's me done before i really start babbling on :). I just wanted to throw this out there
thank for reading and sorry if its in the wrong place :/


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Perfect place to post, man...:)
I'll address the GPS question... Since it is only accurate to about 10ft using a gps indoors would be pretty useless... Outdoors only... It wouldn't be that difficult to get a robot to navigate to a waypoint, but it will require some scripting... I did it a few years back using a small 4 wheeled rover, a Basic Atom Pro microcontroller and a Garmin handheld GPS... It's definitely do able...

The EZB uses wifi for two way communication.... What would you use the walkie talkies for?
United Kingdom
hello there
i was thinking that with the walkie talkies i could give the ezbv4 the commands and with the bb8's body going to be almost sound proof then only my voice will be heard in there "in theory":) and thanks for the advice i'll search them up asap. i am in no way a friend of scripting at the moment mind u:) but i'll get there. its took about a year just to get the ezbv4 out:( but its bb8 time:) i also have plans on having a drone in bb8's head! i do like to overload me brain:)
Voice recognition is done on the pc controlling the ez-b, so unless you are embedding the pc in there, no need to be heard inside it.

If you are, than a BT headset paired to the pc is a good choice.

United Kingdom
well there goes that idea:( think i might look into the intel nuc's or similar there looking good for the job and are very small :/ a bit pricey just to give some commands i'll have to make the most of it and look into adding more stuff :). I also have in mind adding some flaps to the body that activate off one servo so that bb8 can travel across water if he needs to :/ its a wacky idea i know but the more i think about it the more it looks possible:)
United Kingdom
got there this time:) thanks this looks promising going to start downloading and collecting now:)