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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Virtual Desktop To External Monitor

Good Afternoon,

Would it be possible to extend a Virtual Desktop from within ARC to an external monitor? This could be helpful when members of the community who is trying to teach or the end user to build a Mobile Interface with the intention of using a touch screen monitor. (I have a touch screen monitor and would like to use it.)



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United Kingdom
Not currently it can't. This is a feature which will need to be implemented by DJ in a software update.
Thank You Rich for the answer.
I don't think pressing the maximize button on programs will spread across both monitors in windows. With the music software that I use in my studio, you need to manually drag and resize the window for both monitors.

With ARC, you can do the same. Use the mouse to position the window on the top left and drag the bottom right corner to spread across both desktops.