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Version 2018.01.08.00 Installs As 2018.01.03.00

My ARC keeps requesting to update to version .08 but installs version .03 so it keeps saying to update!

Happening on two different computers [windows 10]. Have uninstalled and reinstalled but same issue.

Any ideas?


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Me too. It is in an endless update loop. I also get this plugin window popup every time I open the app.

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Version 2018.01.08.00 is out at least right this minute for me and I downloaded it without issue and installed it without issue and my ARC shows version 1.08 at the top and no longer is prompting for an update.

I also got plugin updates but after I complete those, those prompts are also gone for me. My system is also Windows 10.


Just did a full uninstall then reinstalled from the site. Seemed to clear it up for me.

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Hi Perry and Justin I also got that plugin update reminder. For now, I have just deleted the annoying "new version" panel so it stops nagging me. I will try another complete uninstall and reinstall as you say.

Happy New Year and may our robot building continue! [working on the Drupp neck at the moment]


I had the same problem too. I uninstalled ARC twice. The first time i uninstalled using the Ezrobot installer and that failed to fix the problem.

The second time, I uninstalled using Windows 10 uninstall. I then redownloded the update at it worked.



Hey everyone - the problem was actually quite a head scratcher. The web server seemed to have cached the old MSI file. No matter how many times we overwrote the file, it kept serving the old one. An entire server reboot seemed to have fixed it yesterday. Windows..... it's a mystery!

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Got it working OK now. I uninstalled completely with Revo-uninstaller and reinstalled again a fresh download but same issue. I then deleted all MSI downloads from my download folder, re-downloaded a fresh copy and installed that. Still same issue but on upgrading that copy, it worked!