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Vary DC Voltage With Potentiometer?

Is there any way to use a potentiomiter to very the dc voltage output?
and what output is the voltage going too? I'm doing a science fair project and I really need to know please help! *confused*


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Idea of a voltage divider. A pot is a variable resistor with two legs that combine to make the full resistance value of the pot.
You can vary the voltage from the EZ-B using the PWM between 0 and 5 volts. It won't power much, but it's used as a signal.

If you'd like a pot to vary the voltage, then you'll need to ensure the POT can provide enough current. What will you be powering?

If you need to vary the voltage from a POT, than using an adjustable voltage regulator will do the trick.

If you provide us with more information, we'll be able to help you:)
Never mind I didn't know you can use PWM to vary the power and I am powering a cochroaches leg.
I found that depending on how muc electricity is put in the cockroaches leg you can makeit move. Don't worry the cochrach won't get hurt.
Lol, soooo ezb is now powering insect cybernetics , that's just cool
@techcrab101 are you serious? That is amazing!

Please share videos:)