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If you set one variable say $droid1 and it is given a value in one control, would another control read that variable and get the same value?

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yes. You can add a variable watcher in the ARC software. Variables are global.
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All variables are global, i.e. if one script sets a variable all other scripts will see that variable.

I use multiple scripts running at the same time. I have one which checks the voltage of a LiPo battery through the ADC ports, another which monitors the current through the ADC port and a few others which set/alter/monitor variables for moods.

I then have another script for the LCD display which outputs the variables to the display.
That's cool. I was hoping that would be the case.:)

One other quick question, in the mobile app Is there a way to have a button call up another menu or screen?
You bet! The ez script manual reads...

ShowControl( ControlName )
Used for mobile devices and the Interface Builder only, this command will open the specified control into the foreground.
Example: ShowControl(Wii Remote)

ShowDesktop( desktopNumber )
Shows the specified virtual desktop. The desktop number is 1, 2 or 3.
Example: ShowDesktop(1)

Although keep in mind that you can only show desktop #1 on mobile.