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V4 - "My Batteries Are Low, My Batteries Are Low"

After whole weekend of working with the new V4 EZB I've been able to get two installed and working over my home network. It was a learning experience and had it's challenges but more on all that in another post, another time.

What I'd like to say here is this;

I'm powering the EZB with a power converter from wall voltage. I don't use batteries so I have a continuous power feed and can supply almost any voltage needed within EZB's power range of operation.

The data sheet for V4 says the voltage for the V4 is between 4.5 & 16vdc. This may be true but if the voltage gets below somewhere between 6 & 7 vdc the board will stop responding and I get a irritating voice loop saying ""My batteries are low, My batteries are low".......... This goes on and on till the voltage is raised and the board is power cycled.

So the bottom line is you cannot power EZB V4 with anything lower then 7vdc or it just stops and nags you for more power. Sounds like my 3rd wife, :P

This also means we cant power the V4 with less then 7 volts and get a lower output voltage on the digital I/O pins. We for sure need voltage regulators for devices needing lower voltages.

One more question-- if I have to use the MP3 trigger, is there an easy way to get the eye LEDs to blink with the voice? I presume the soundservo method of doing this would also force you to be tied to a PC. I do have a hardware work around (I found a tiny board that uses its microphone to blink an LED, if necessary.

Lol. i open my ezb to see if there was battery inside.
@ftlum.... There are in fact 2 sound boards. One to play out through your PC speakers and the other to play out through the EZB4 speaker....
Do the sound files need to reside on the PC for soundboard and soundservo to work?

All of the files remain on the PC... the difference is the sound would be played out through the PC speakers or the EZB speaker depending on what sound board you are using... There is no Apple software available (yet)....
United Kingdom
The sound files are saved to the project file. I.e. if you added helloworld.mp3 to the soundboard and saved the project you could, in theory, delete the file helloworld.mp3 from the PC or transfer the project to a different PC and the soundboard would still work.

If using the EZB Sound servo and Soundboard the files do not require the PC. In fact, I believe that may work while running from an android device (however I don't use the mobile app so don't know what's currently supported and what isn't).