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Using Xbee To Connect Ez-B To Computer Instead Of Bluetooth (Up To 80 Km Of Rang

I have done some research trying to find a way to get more than 100 m distance with the bluetooth module that comes with EZ-B. XBee, a microchip capable of connecting the microcontrollers, etc to your computer has up to 80 Km of range with the highest distance XBee pro. I probably don't need this much, but my goal is to use this method instead.

XBee 868 pro development bundle with all requirements can be found here. In order to use XBee you need 2 XBee microchips, one that connects to the microcontroller (EZ-B) and another that connects to your computer using the XBee developer board. If you want full distance capability you will need an antenna for your robot device.

Procedures on using XBee also here

To connect the XBee to the EZ-B you need to use either a second XBee developer board or an XBee shield. When connecting it to the EZ-B there are four main ports that need to connect. If you pull of the bluetooth module on the EZ-B (wont hurt anything except maybe wear the foam tape, not a big deal. You will see 4 ports labeled, and the bluetooth module will also be labeled. To connect the XBee you will need to connect the four ports seen on the tutorial website, to the EZ-B's ports.

I am still unsure how to connect the second XBee that is connected to your computer to the EZ-B software, i imagine when it connects you can go to the Control Panel > Devices and Hardware (or whatever your computer calls it) > EZ-B (the EZ-B Device) > Properties, and see the com #. Put the com # in the EZ-B program and I imagine it should work. If anyone know a better way of doing this I will greatly appreciate it.

Also I am trying to connect the camera found on the EZ-B website to my computer through XBee as well, otherwise the camera will lose connection after 100 m, but i will still be able to drive. If anyone can come up with a way to get the feed from the camera connected to the XBee or even a third XBee I will greatly appreciate it.

For more information on my robot see my last forum asking for help here


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the problem i c with getting a longer range for the EZ-B is that it does not carry the video from your cam so even with 80 km range with the XBee you need some other way to send your video that far or you will not be able to see it at all
sure its great to run your bot from that far but it dont help when your cant see where your bot is going and it runs off a cliff or under a truck on the hiway and and and
what o want to try in time is working out a way to send all the signels over some thing like sw radio or some other long range system

Another way i was thinking about for bigger bots is and onbord computer with a cell connection