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Using Brookstone Rover - What Changes Required?

I saw the video about using the ez-robot software to control a brookstone rover. I am not clear on what physical changes are needed to the rover device? It seemed that the EZ software had a "device type" for brookstone rover so only connecting to it via the ez software was all that was needed? Is this correct?

Any detailed video on what you must do to utilize the brookstone rover?



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That is correct, you can use only ARC to control the movement of the Broockstone Rover and view it's camera however ARC was built to work with the EZ-B and therefore runs smoother when connected to an EZ-B. If you wish to add sensors to the rover you will require an EZ-B to be installed on it.

Basically put, ARC can control the drive train and view the camera. This will take a load off of the EZ-B as you will not require to fit any motor controllers.

There may be an issue with the V4 EZ-B due to it's wifi connection. The rover must connect directly to your PC's wifi and since you can only connect to one wifi network per wifi network card on a PC you will not be able to use that to also connect to the EZ-B, you may require a second wifi network card or a wired network for connection to the EZ-B V4.


Nice! I'm able to drive my Rover around using ARC, but I haven't figured out how to use the camera. Help me please?


in ARC choose project,then add on that page choose camera .see pic. User-inserted image


Oh, I tried that, and tried various buttons there, but all I ever saw was the black camera screen, so I obviously needed to do more setup. I have been able to use the Rover with an Android app in the past, so I know the camera works. What do I need to do to set this up?


can you see the rover in wifi? you should see it like in the pic ubove in ARC. you have all udates from ez?

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Add the camera control to your project then...

User-inserted image


Thank you very much, the big arrows pointed the way and now I'm up and running.


Anyone know how to extend the distance that the rover can be operated?



bobalston What are you presently using between your PC and the EZ-B (V3)? If you're using the stock bluetooth supplied with the EZ-B (V3) unit it is a Class 2 device with a 10 meter limit. You can upgrade to class 1 bluetooth devices to obtain up to a 100 meter range. You need a BlueSM1RF from and a Class 1 bluetooth USB dongle from Radio Shack or BestBuy or similar stores.


I am using my PC and the Brookstone rover device. No EZ-b board at all.


then i dont think you can controll the have to connect the ARC to the rover thru a controller.


Not sure what version of the rover you have, but the Bluetooth version has a range of 30ft unless you can figure out how to upgrade the Bluetooth in the rover itself... If you have version 2 the range will be within your wifi network, I would imagine...


Anyone upgraded the bluetooth in the rover itself?



@bobalston: look in this thread for my questions and the replies posted by others that tell you how to setup ARC. If you want to control Rover without adding EZ-B, that is exactly what I'm doing. In that case, the range is WiFi 2.4 GHz - much larger than Bluetooth.

Here is what I've tried so far with Windows 7: 0. Truned on Rover.

  1. Added a USB WiFi to my laptop. This is a second connection, because the laptop has built-in wifi.
  2. Created a connection with the SSID shown on the bottom of the Rover - it starts with AC13. Since it is hex code, it is all numeric or letters A-F.
  3. Opened the wifi network connection from the lower-right toolbar. Saw a long list of wifi connections that I already knew about.
  4. Noticed that the network connection is labeled "Wireless Network Connection".
  5. Scrolled down, far down. Suddenly I see "Wireless Network Connection 2"! I didn't know about this, but now I do.
  6. Select AC13 wifi for "Connection 2".
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The Brookstone Rover is controlled over Wifi, an EZ-B is not required for control of the drive train or the camera. The distance will therefore be the range of your WiFi NIC in the PC which connects to the rover.

I will point out that ARC will run a lot smoother if it is connected to an EZ-B, even if the EZ-B is sat on top of the PC and not connected to the rover at all. This is due to the way ARC was built around the EZ-B rather than as a stand alone interface for third party products.


Found this thread with three pages. Has very good technical details about how the rover is constructed.,261.0.html