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It doesn't state what load it can handle. It may be OK but some switches can't take many amps passing through them so be aware of that.

5.5mm female to 5.5mm male connectors, I can't remember from memory what size the power base uses but if it's the same it should work.

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I seem to remember the EZ barrel jack being 2.1mm. I'll check.


It is 2.1mm. It's mentioned here in post 15. I don't know if this in-line switch would be of any use to you for your needs nomad.

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Those switches are screwed terminals inside anyway so simple to make your own inline switch using some moulded 2.1mm barrel jacks.

Adding an inline on/off switch isn't a difficult task for any switch though. You just need to ensure the switch can take the current you plan to pull through it.

I'm guessing that if EZ-Robot ever make a revised power base they will add in an on/off switch however since the process is long, drawn out and expensive to make alterations they may never do this... it's one for the wishlist though.