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Usb Hub

Hi Everyone,

I read in some other threads that it is possible to hook up a USB hub to the EZ-B

Anyone do this yet?

If so, can you please post a pic or direct me to a youtube video that illustrates how to do this?

Thanks in advance.



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I was wondering about this too! Thanks for posting the question
I have been through 4 and none of them worked. Firstly none of them support the camera or audio so what is the point? Soneone mentioned yesterday to use a Raspberry Pi. I think that just might work.
United Kingdom
I've just tried a Belkin USB Hub connected via my Wireless Router. My laptop did see the Belkin, so first step was successful. Unfortunately, that's as far as I got. Tried connecting four separate USB devices: 2 x USB HDD, 1 x Flash Stick & (the device I wanted to work for the robot) a USB sound device. All no go. I'll try again at some point, but I'm not holding my breath;)

I will report back to the community if I do succeed. I really want my first project, a K9 robot, to speak from the robot and not my laptop.
Windows uses software to assign a device is for multiple usb devices. Usb.hubs only work when connected to a compatible computer...
United Kingdom
Just a quick update. I've successfully connected the USB sound card to the Belkin USB Hub and sent the sound output from my laptop to the aforementioned USB sound card. I then set up a separate wireless network using an old Wireless Router (Linksys) and connected the Belkin USB hub & USB sound card and again successfully sent laptop sound output to the remote device. So theoretically I can get my robot to talk flexibly (ie without having to resort to pre-programmed phrases on an MP3 module). Obviously I'll need to power the router/hub combo via a battery pack, but I reckon this is do-able. I'll report back with my findings:)
What operating system are you using?