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Ez-B V3 Bluetooth Connectivity With New ARC Software

I have the EZ-B v3 and it is now discontinued. When I downloaded the newest version of the software, it does not allow me to use Bluetooth to connect. How can I connect via Bluetooth using the new software with the EZ-B v3? If that is not possible, can I download a previous version that will allow me to connect via Bluetooth?

Led Lights

Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows how to wire LEDs to the EZ-B? What kind of LEDs are compatible as far as voltage and brightness and do I also need resistors? Please let me know when you can. Thank you, Chris

Usb Hub

Hi Everyone, I read in some other threads that it is possible to hook up a USB hub to the EZ-B Anyone do this yet? If so, can you please post a pic or direct me to a youtube video that illustrates how to do this? Thanks in advance. -Chris

Ez-B Questions

Hello Everyone, I am new to this website and I think it is genius! I have a few questions: How can we hook up another camera and still have work with EZ-B? (Links would be nice) One with better resolution. Can we use more than one EZ-B at the same time, what I mean is can we daisy chain? How do we add a USB hub as you mentioned in the other videos?...

Brookstone Rover Camera Tracking

Hello, I recently downloaded ARC and was able to connect to my Brookstone Rover. How do I get my rover to follow a ball like in the video? It is able to track but in the log it states that tracking is disabled. Please let me know as soon as you can, anyone. Thanks, Chris
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