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Usb Camera Higher Resolution

I'm using the EZB over USB. So the robot will always be connected to the computer. If I have taken the load off the EZB (by not using the camera on the ezb). Shouldn't it be possible to use all the available resolution of my USB camera in ARC since the computer is handling the image stream? I have a 1080 webcam but in the camera controls max resolution is 640 in ARC. Can someone explain to me the limitation or if a work around is possible.


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a 1080P image has 2,073,600 pixels a 640x480 image has 307,200 pixels normally facial recognition is done at 320x240 or 76,800 pixles or at 160x120 which is 19,200 pixels.

It all comes down to how much processing time and power it is going to take to process the image. At 1080P it is too large, and will take too long to process it without passing off the workload to a GPU in my opinion. ARC doesn't have the ability right now to pass this work off to a GPU.

The same can be seen when rendering a video at 1080P on a computer processor. Studios have many machines clustered together to process video on multiple GPU's per machine in order to handle what is considered lower resolution video now.

Are you trying to do facial recogniton, object tracking and the like with this camera? In Rafiki, I used 2 cameras and the Omron HVC-P. One camera ran at lower resolution so that tracking and object recognition could work, while the omron handled other tasks. The other camera was for taking pictures/video (which was more of like the camera you described above) and was done outside of ARC.


Click on the question mark of the camera control and read about processing image data by size


Okay doesn't affect me directly. To be honest and vague, my client wants a 1080 camera for the ability to project what Alan sees on a big screen. They are using software (maybe they developed) to detect object and facial as well as emotions. I was trying to creating the same environment on my testing. But I see why this is limited now. Huge ever head.

My main issue has been sourcing a 1080 camera with autofocus (usb) that fits in the forehead that was designed for EZ Robots amazingly small camera and PCB.


Would be hard to get a 1080 camera small enough, they seem quite large.

You would need a surveillance camera-2 megapixel 1080p Auto focus.

What dimensions are you restricted to?


A lot of the surveillance camera's only write out to a microSD card or are Wifi. Make sure you don't end up with one of those. A lot are labeled as DVR's.

Has to be USB and about 1 inch x 1 inch.


I bought a ton of cameras including some machine vision cameras. My argument is if they are not using the full 1080 for recognition, then I have a lot more choices. I have one camera that just arrived from Amazon that might work... with some grinding.

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The great thing about the EZ Robot camera is the camera is at the top of the pcb. Thats where Alans head starts to curve back. This camera is set straight in the middle. as are most of the cameras I have sourced.


Thats what i love about the ez camera also, made mounting mine a piece of cake. only down side is the green led which is right near the robots left eye, no biggie but i need to blank that off to stop the light from shining through.

Hope you find the right one you need.



Hi Will,

I found a high resolution security camera (called out as 1080) (WiFi) which has the camera portion mounted to a ribbon about 4" long. The camera is about the same size as the sensor camera on the Omron P2. I can get a picture or info to you if you feel this may be what you are looking for. I originally planned on using it for Antonn.



@Andy Roid... Problem is the max resolution in the ARC camera control is 640x480 so no where near 1080p... Will already has a 1080p usb camera. What I think he wants to do is use it in ARC at the resolution of 1080p...


I thought due to the limit with the EZB, that he needed a second camera, just for monitoring what Alan sees, and display on a screen. I realize the EZB camera is for processing, not for visual. The design of this camera, having the actual camera head, on a thin cable, would allow it to be mounted in a very tight space. He is looking at two issues here.


Does the 1080p camera need to do tracking of any image processing?


Its my understanding that it is indeed doing tracking, emotion and gender detection. But, its also being projected on a 1080 tv. So the people can see what Alan sees.

They are dealing with this part of the software. So they will have to figure it out the hard way, if the overhead will be too much to detect at 1080.

I'm getting the 1080 camera installed today.


Can you use two cameras? EZ Robot camera for image processing and the higher res camera for sight? Just thinking.


I'm still not certain what the request is. Are you asking for ARC to process 1080p video?



The post was asking the question if ARC uses the full resolution of the camera chosen. I only saw 640 using a 1080 camera.

I understand now that the overhead is too high to process 1080 frames.

They (client) think the higher the resolution the easier for the camera to see an object clearly.

@Dave, I made that suggestion, they are thinking on how to install one.


The client only cares about the resolution for detecting objects, or displaying to spectator viewers?

For detecting objects, the resolution isn't that important - as there's a compromise based on distance. Higher resolution means objects further away have a higher percentage of detection.

If the client only cares about the resolution for displaying to spectators, then that's doable, but any processing will really slow down the framerate.