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Hi,i am working on 4x4 rc/robot and am using this wifi rc reciver with android app
http://www.wirc.dension.com/ and love the app for camera and controlling it from phone.It would be great if EZ-b had a way to see and move robot at same time from phone (any good phone app builders out there)
I have PC running at home and use a android program called phonemypc http://softwareforme.com/?page_id=6 workes good but delay



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@pittom , rover 5 is a good 4x4 platform
I saw the video before (and the tree rescue lol )but can't get the remote control live to work on samsung charge smartphone.I tried all types of internet browser apps even Dolphin Browser HD and rooted phone still get an X when try to go live.I read here that some people got it to work.

I am going to try and run it all on WIFI with robot using 4G LTE

rover 5 is cool but way to small,i am working on 50lb 10 inch wheels with paintball gun on top

I have found that only Android 4 browsers work with the remote control. With the latest upgrade, I get an image instead of an X, and sometimes if I tap the screen, the mouse pointer on the computer will move to where I tapped, but the pointer doesn't show up on the Android device. However, I rooted and upgraded my old Incredible to ICS and all of the browsers work perfectly.

A good alternative until the Charge gets an ICS upgrade (if it ever does) is Splashtop Remote (On sale for $4.99, 50% off this week). It gives a high resolution remote desktop to your PC whether or not EZ-B is running.

Thanks just tried and is a lot like phonemypc but faster
Yeah, Splashtop is also optimized for streaming video (especially the Tablet version that takes advantage of Tegra 2 or Tegra 3 chips), so the camera window should be real-time even if you get a little lag on other screen updates.

I use it to watch TV from my home-built DVR in rooms where the DVR isn't connected, and even over the internet.