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Updated Cloud And Server Profiles

Question, is there anyway to disable the syncing of server profiles from the cloud? I do not use any revolution robots and I don't need to sync. If there is documentation about this please let me know.


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Hi are you referring to the syncing of the EZ-Bit library or are you referring to the prompt for servo profiles when a project is loaded?


I think he means SERVO. And I believe he is asking for the servo PROFILE on the Mobile App to not prompt when he loads his app.

Perhaps I can add a preferences option somewhere in the future.


@DJ ......... Servo..... Sorry about that.

@VGosine Yes the servo Profiles.

None of the mobile apps that I have created work as of now. I guess I will have to make my EZBv4 board join my home router to get access to the cloud. I was connecting my robot to the my tablet. When do you think a possible time frame fix will be for this?



we don't see it as a "Fix", but a feature if implemented - there are many more Revolution Robots than dev kits:)

There are a few hundred items on the list above this request - I don't have a time frame, sorry


@DJ I hope my "fix" statement was not viewed as offensive. I do apologize.

Thank You for the update.



Oh not at all:) the most challenging part for me is prioritizing items. They are labeled as fixes, features, nice to have features, etc

Depending on what module I'm in, I check the list to see what can also be done while I'm in it.