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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!

Unable To Update Firmware

when I attempt to update my firmware I get the following message. Any way to resolve?
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V4 or V3?... There is only updates for the V3 (so far)... If you have a V4 stop trying to update it, there is no updates for it yet... Curious, if it is a V4, what made you think you needed an update?
Patrick, continue won't work... that's why the error... More than likely he has a V4
hi RR

behind the error i see v4 connected.cannot hurt to continu anyway.
But there is no update for the V4 yet... 16.6 is for the V3
yes i know,but then he knows too.

i learn to update whit win7,click start -see ARC below is update .
maybe he means load the ez-b4 first time
Patrick, dude... first time or not... Please understand .... There is no need to update a V4 because there is no update available for it.... I have 2 EZB4 myself, so I do know what I am talking about....:) See smiley face....
I can confirm, you cannot update the firmware on the EZ-Bv4.
Thanks for the clarification