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Unable To Install On My Laptop

I just got my JD for my birthday present. My first time with a robot. I have no idea how install this on my laptop. After loading the software on the computer, it will not run. Please help as this 12year old is ready to rock this robot. Thanks:)


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What error are you getting? Is it telling you that you need something else installed? Is your laptop win 7 or win 8?


What did you download and what Windows version and laptop do you have ? Have you installed the Microsoft .Net on it ?


Just make sure your system is Windows7 or better. Download the latest ARC Software of this site and run the software to install it. If you get an error, take a screen shot and share it please.

After the software is installed please be sure to careful work your way through the tutorials in the Learn Section


Is it possible you can make a youtube video from the point you click the download link until you have the problem so I can physically see what is going on. This would probably be the most efficient way to move to the next step. Virus software and windows defense can both block a download from installing. FIRST OF ALL , Google search and download Microsoft .net Framework , the most recent version available.