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Unable To Deactivate My Battery Is Low Message

I'm running an EZ board at a lower voltage than 6.6 because of my heavy duty servo (I'm not using batteries but 5 volts from a power supply). Until today I was able to deactivate the "My Battery is Low" message but now I can't. I've tried multiple shut down and restarted. My software is up to date.

Any suggestions?


D. Scott


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Yep. Done all of this. This was working earlier from my original I set up months ago. I also get the warning message about damage to LiPo batteries when I connect so I know the appropriate boxes have been checked.

D. Scott


Well it works for me and everyone else so not sure what else to say ... Have you tried doing it again just for grins? I'll explain why later....

By the way, if you are using 5V to power your ezb... The ezb will complain the battery is low until you connect to ARC where your settings (if set correctly) in the connection control will be able to silence the " my battery is low" chant...