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Asked — Edited

Unable To Connect To Andoid Phone

At one point to the robot would connect to my smartphone with out any problems. *stress* By my mistake in deleting the wrong wi fi profile from the phone. I am unable to connect it back to the phone. I keep getting the "avoided poor Internet connection" after about seven minutes of obtaining IP address.... I see where I can input values manually but I need to know setting in order to config the phone to reconnect or any ideas from the community or the ez-robot experts in getting the connection back on the phone. (connection to desktop computer works with no problems) *confused*

delete the profile that your android phone created for the ez-b. You will never need to "configure settings" for the wifi connecting to the ez-b. The dhcp takes care of that .

Because every Android device is different, i'm unable to tell you what menu options to use to delete the device. Unfortunately, Android doesn't have a support specialist either - maybe someone on here has a similar device with a similar menu configuration that can help you.