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Ultrasonic Ping Sensor - Connecting To Ezb Ver 4


I'm very new to EZ robot and to the forum.

I have a question on plugging the "Echo" wire of the ultrasonic sensor.
To which connection should that be connected to on the EZ B ver 4? I have the white,red,black connected to the digital ports and the light is on the small circuit board in the middle of the wires.

Thanks, Paul

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I answered my own question...sorry! I just needed to do more experimenting. The "Echo" wire just needed to be placed on the white digital pin. For sake of convenience I put it right behind the white "Trig" pin. So on the board I used D11 as the row for my white - red - black wires and for the "Echo" wire I placed it on D10 (white digital pin on the board). Then all you have to do is configure your distance/ radar to use those pins.



Normally the connection will be the same as on a EZB3. Digital port 0 is where you plug in the three wire plug and D 1 is where the white wire is plugged into.


Ping sensors use 5V, so unless you have the voltage regulator that came in the developers' kit or the V4 board itself powered with 5V, I suggest you unplug the ping asap... The V3 board had a voltage regulator to power the digital ports with a steady 5V... So you can just plug the ping directly into the board... The v4 has no regulator, so power in equals power out of the digital power (red) pin... You will need to find a way supply the ping with 5v...I built myself a couple of plug and play 5V regulators from a servo extension wires and a LM7805 voltage regulators... Here is the tutorial on how to use the ping... Ping

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You're correct, Trig and Echo both connect to Signal (White) pins. Vcc needs to connect to a +5v supply (note: a regulator will likely be required on the V4) and Ground to Ground (Black).

I have a nice image that shows this somewhere but I can't find it right now... I will post it later when I do find it.

The main point is, the Vcc pin of the digital port must be regulated to 5V when using the V4.

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User-inserted image

Note: Vcc MUST have an inline regulator fitted to regulate 5V for the sensors Vcc


Thanks for all your replies. The ping that comes with the developers kit has an inline board on the ground and vcc. Is this a voltage regulator? If it is then I won't need a separate voltage regulator.


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Yes I believe that is the regulator for the sensor. So just connect VCC and Ground to that board and then 2 signals to Echo and Trig.