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Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

How do you connect the Ultrasonic Distance Sensor without losing servos. and How do you set up the robot to run on its own using the Ultrasonic Distance Sensor to keep it from bumping things? *confused*


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How do you mean "without losing servos"?

You connect the ultrasonic sensor up using 2 accessory extensions and soldering them to the pins on the ultrasonic sensor. Tutorial

Wire like this
User-inserted image

As for moving on it's own, there are a few options. Some are mentioned in the tutorial however a lot use the Ping Roam script I wrote which is all here
By cutting the wires on the servos in order to connect them to the sensor.
You do not cut the servo wires. You use accessory servo extension wires as mentioned by Rich.
User-inserted image
so I need to cut an end off of both of these wires to connect the sensor to the board?

In doing so I would connect the GND to BL, ECHO to ORG, TRIG to WH, and VCC to WH and to the board ex. D0 (inside pin 1) Bk, Org, WH, and D1 (inside Pin 1 ) Wh __ __. Is this correct? *confused*
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Yes, cut an accessory extension and solder the correct end to the sensor.

The sensor will require two extensions.

Check the tutorial video for the sensor, it is all covered in the video and all clarified in the replies above.

First off thanks to all. next oK. I cut the ends off and wired as directed. Even get different range in scanning so I think it is working. Next is getting it moving on it own. I looked the code and understand some of it. I think for now the GUI is the way to go. What I am attempting to build is very basic. The robot will hopeful run around on wheels and move its arms up and down while scanning for things to go around.
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The GUI will only stop or stop and reverse on detection of an object. You must make it move around yourself or via scripts.

Have a look at the ping roam scripts I have written, you may need to adjust them to suit your requirements but it's all there and the scripts have been commented to explain exactly what part does what so should be easy enough to adapt.

Here is the topic which includes the scripts, explanations and a link to the project file which has it all set up and ready to go.
Ok and thanks.