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Ultimate Wall-E On Ebay $135.00

the auction ends in an hour or so.
currently at 135.00 that's a GREAT price.
one of the arms is a little buster, but who cares right?

im at work so I cant add a link but here\'st he ebay item number

good luck.


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Gone now! That was a good buy for somebody. They are as rare as hen's teeth now
It looked to be in very good condition too.
Somebody still trying to flog one for $764.99! Item # 390956718265

Lots of overpriced U-Commands on ebay as well. Christmas is coming I suppose.
I just picked up a U command , I will probably measure it and 3d print a custom one.
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That's a good price @jstarne1 I paid sround $40 this time last year plus another $40 to get it shipped from US to Australia which was a very fair price for postage as most dealers want double that or just don't ship here.

3D printing will preserve your Wall-E. You'll also be able to custom make the base to suit your servos.
@Tony , I'm considering scaling it up a bit. Making measurements and drawing parts in 123d. Let's say 50 to 60 percent larger than original. I would like to have the room for a standard size servos instead of micro. The size differences may make it stand out, but we will see. Most the Wall-E projects I see look like they are pressed for space. I ordered a walle on ebay a year ago or so and when I received it, I was Jipped into buying a small figurine. So this is the second time around.:)

Fortunately shipping was only 5 dollars , and it should be quick because they are in the same state.
I know what you mean by "pressed for space" I've already chopped the Ez-B V4 power base down to half height and it's still annoying/frustrating when I have to re-arrange connections. I usually have to take the base off Wall-E. I think removing the whole power base will only help slightly. I have full size servos for the tracks and just two mini (not micro) servos for the arms inside (the neck servos are all outside). The problem I think is the size of the hatch opening. You could probably design a larger opening for easier access. A 60% size increase would be even better again!

Getting a small figurine instead of a U-Command Wall-E would have been a very unpleasant surprise:(
Just a point for wall-e buyers, there is a wall-e called the interactive wall-e, which is the same shell, but without remote control. There going for cheap.

Interactive wall-e
@ technopro, interactive wall-e looks similar but the body is 2/3 the size. The ultimate walle is the same general size of the u command, but has more detail and a better paint job. Interactive walle is cheaper than u command and ultimate walle is the most expensive.
the ultimate wall-e is 3x the size of the u-command wall-e
also has a bunch of more features
-arms rotate
-hands grip
-"eye lids" in the eye casing.
Ya know what, your absolutely right lol , I mixed it up with Thinkways Wall-E, it is way bigger. Maybe I should get one of those!
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yeah, I knew I had to get one after I got the Hasbro R2D2.
The R2 was a giant compared to the U Command.
now the wall-e and R2 look like they belong together.
Ah , well the ultimate Walle is super hard to find it seems , so 3d printing maybe my only real option.