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Ultimate Wall-E For 250.00? Whaaaaaaaaaaat!

So yeah im contantly looking for these....1200 on amazon and 750 on ebay


i googles searched it under shopping

the second item 250.00

i went to the website....look sok i guess.....did some research on it, couldnt find anyting bad...they do come from china, not sure if that matters...

What do you giuys think?

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You'd need to provide a link. That link is just to google:)


im at work i was getting blocked....but yeah Louis thats the site...i tried to look up consumer reports but didnt find much. One site said it was asfe to order from know.

crazy price right? also if you look at the pic of the wall-e the box is all torn up. i doubt they have a a few to sell, they make it seem like they do.

damn it i might do it.



hows about that video on your R2D2...


Sweet! But beyond the capabilities of the retail unit, how would this be better than the U-Command model? (What are the Deltas?)



It's bigger in size 15" tall, good for hacking with EZ-B:)


bigger badder, stronger faster.....


$38 bucks for shipping. Many options.


Huh, there's a U.S. discount in the final calculation that is around $25. Almost negates shipping fee. Sounding too good to be true, but you can pay with PayPal.


AHHH! Found the catch. And it's a doosy! They will not take a PayPal OR credit card payment for first time purchase!!!

Can you say "SCAM"?


wait what? damn it

thanks for doing some leg work........damn it i really want it


Sent them an email stating "I" wanted to buy the item, but only if they would accept CC or PayPal. They're in China, so IF (and that's a big if) they respond, it won't be for a couple days. I'll let y'all know if I hear back, but I certainly wouldn't send them any non-reversible payment.


I wouldnt have even given them my email. Expect tons of junk mail to come....


Meh, that's what filters are for. It's my personal domain, I can block it pretty far up the chain (and report as spam to the DNS). *cool*


Gee, go figure. Never heard back from them:( tired


That is a 22" PLUSH Walle. That means that it is not plastic and metal, but like a pillow. Soft and stuffed.


No search item number:190695338296 its the ultimate wall-e.


Ok, ZZ, I see it now. But, it has went up to $400 buy it now. It looks cool.