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United Kingdom
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Uk - Parts Vendors

Hello again ladies and gents.

I was wondering, where do you Londoners buy your parts?

I've been searching specifically for shops that sell servos, brackets and such near central. It would be most excellent if it was a actual shop, and not just a website we order from. But I'll take anything that is reliable and doesn't take weeks to get to me.

Any suggestions?


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If your asking about non EZ Robot parts then I think you'll be happy with the RobotShop. They have a UK web site and even sell EZ Robot stuff. Although I live in the USA it only takes an order few days to reach me after I place it. In their Customer Service section they say:


RobotShop offers free shipping for all orders over £200 which are shipped everywhere within the United Kingdom. Packages are delivered through Royal Mail within 1-6 days depending on the destination. Other shipping options are available.

You can place the country in the upper right corner but here'e the UK link:

UK Robotshop

Good luck and have fun!
United Kingdom

I buy all of my EZ-Robot kit directly from EZ-Robot. Unfortunately I haven't found an actual high street shop retail supplier that sells the full range of EZ-Robot servos and sensors ect in London, or anywhere else in the UK. The UK retailers @nomad pointed to only seem to sell the EZ-Robot Revolution robot kits. RobotShop that @Dave mentioned is a great place to buy equipment from as I use them myself for non EZ-Robot kit, and is worth checking out. Sorry I can't be of any more help.
United Kingdom
robot-electronics (www.robot-electonics.co.uk)

I tend to stay away from Maplin, they overcharge by a lot! Check their prices against Farnell and you will see just how much of a rip off they are!
United Kingdom
Thanks for all of those guys, I should be set for more specific components, and any hardware store nearby should have more general stuff.

I despise Maplin, they overcharge, their service is bad, and god forbid you need to return anything.