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U-Command Wall-E Available

Hey guys, I picked up two of these from eBay. I was bidding on 2 in case one fell through. Darn it! Wouldn't you know it, got both : /

So, here's the offer. I paid $60 US for each of 'em (No remotes in either of 'em, but, um, what would be the point?).

If interested, that's the price. We can figure out cheapest shipping to keep the cost as low as possible (US or CN).

It's in great shape. a very minor nick here or there. I can post pictures if you want.

I figured, I'd rather see if someone here wants it without the hassle of eBay. If no one is interested, that's fine. I'll plunk it back on eBay.

I'll wait a week. Then off it goes.

First to offer, first considered.


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I'll take it if no one else does:)

But i'll give someone else a chance first! hehe

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I'll take it. Are the tracks ok?

lumpy692002 @


Woo Hoo!

Now I need 3 more EZ-B's.

My son is going to be excited about this one!


Wall-E has arrived.

My son was super excited. Even the wife didn't mind having "another one" coming in. ;-)

Thanks again to Cyberdude for offering it up and DJ stepping aside to let me scoop him up!

Some pics as usual.

P.S. I was on holidays last week, and today (Monday) was a stat holiday. Poor Wall-E had been sitting outside at my front door since Wednesday. lol


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Wall-E - Leader of the Omnibots?

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Wall-E and my son Ben sneaking into the pic! lol

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Sweet! Glad he made It in one piece!