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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Two Identical Sound Boards

I've discovered that buy some error on my part my project has two Identical sound boards. They have the same name and content. Probably happened when I was copying stuff from one project to another.

My question is what effect could this have on ARC sending commands to to my robot if the command calls for the same sound file that exists on both sound boards? Again both boards have the same title. Here's a picture:

User-inserted image

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Can’t you just delete one of your sound phrases/board?
Hi Merne. Yes I can and did that. However I was wondering on the effect of such a thing on the operation of ARC. Sometimes I've had unexplained and hard to locate issues happen randomly in my project. I'm just trying to chase a few rats down their ratholes and get rid of them. If I can check this off my list then I'm good to go.:)

well I would ask DJ to look at you app.  He might, however, get a subscription which is pretty cheap for one year. I’m sure DJ world then look at it and test it.  Just my thought. But it would be up to DJ to make the call.

BTY, what kind of issues do you have maybe you could explain what the rats you were trying to find one run in your program.
Robot skills can have the same name. That’s a feature. In your case, you could have one of those sound boards setup to ezb #0 and the other to ezb #1. And sending the command to play a sound will play on both ezbs

as for how it happened, you probably used merge project and selected it
#5   — Edited
Thanks DJ. That explains what I needed to know. 

merne, Thanks also for the input. I now think any "rats" are WIFI network congestion. Mostly timing issues in scripts that happen randomly.
Also I am a Pro user. Looks like the second computer I'm using has the wrong sign on info to an old account I had back when things were called EZ Robot. LOL. Just noticed this. 

Dave Schulpius
@Dave. Lol, I remember those day of EZ-robot.  I did not put together your last name.;)

Take care Dave!
#7   — Edited
LOL! Now worries my friend. I'm ok with flying below the radar sometimes.

Obviously I'm still stuck in the old account. LOL. I need to figure way to  get out of this one and into the other. I feel like I'm stuck in the Twilight Zone.