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Twitter In ARC


I try to use some twitter functionalities in ARC but I encounter some difficulties.

I have configured my account in Option/Twitter in ARC with no problem, but after that nothing works, neither the Twitter Recognition, nor the Tweet script. Each time I have an error message as you can see in the capture (1 is for Twitter Recognition ; 2 is for the script)

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So, I need some help... Thanks


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I haven't used Twitter for a while since Melvin is undergoing some big changes but a quick test just threw back


Error on line 1: Exception of type 'System.Exception' was thrown.
when I tried to use the code


You aren't alone on this issue. I'll have a better look into it if I can get Melvin running as I know his camera tweet script worked previously.

Update: Melvin's twitter posting scripts throw the same error and do not post to twitter. They have been working previously (June 6th being the last time it successfully posted to twitter but that may have been the last time I tried it) so I can only assume something to do with either twitter itself or the twitter script commands no longer works as it should.

Can others check this out please? Just set up twitter (if it isn't already linked) and add a script with


Hopefully that'll help us solve this problem.


@Rich, Thanks for your help. Lets see if others have the same issue...

In the meantime, is there another simple way in ARC to send a message (an alert) through Internet when an event takes place?

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Update: Tweet() throws the same errors in the previous version (I haven't updated the laptop yet). I will try my office PC shortly and see if it throws the error on that one (not updated for a while either).

Update: version 2012.06.06.00 throws the error too.


I'm looking into it now. Twitter keeps changing their API! This has happened a few times in the past... Silly twitter


Thanks @DJ for looking at the issue. I try to make a remote surveillance with sensors and ARC, and so far its going well (it is incredidble all you can do with some sensors, a camera, some leds and scripting in ARC:) ). All I need now is an alerting system and twitter is really a easy way to do it.


Oh neat! Twitter is a pretty useful service:) It is on my schedule for today - i'll have a new release tonight:D

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Was this part of the latest update? I still get this error

Error on line 1: Exception of type 'System.Exception' was thrown.
Done (00:00:00.1330076)

It was not - Twitter broke their twitter:P ..Still working on it.


Hi, I know that the problem comes from twitter itself... so I am patiently waiting... I am completely OK with that:)

No, my question is about the thread itself. I have begin to receive emails from EZ-Robot for "Unresolved Forum Thread". As my question is answered (I know now why twitter is not working anymore) but my issue is not resolved, should I tag this thread as resolved or not? I wish to have the best behavior on this forum and use the new options correctly. Thanks for the advices.

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I'm sure it'll be OK left open and hanging until the Twitter function is resolved - there are many more answered but not closed questions on the forum.

However, since you brought this one up again I will ask if you specifically need Twitter or if you could use a different method of remote alerts? I have some ideas which I will explore if you can use a different method, as either a temporary fix or maybe even a permanent alternative. Let me know if another method would be suitable and I'll do some playing:)

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I went ahead and did some digging around and have a different remote notification method figured out.

While it only works for Android phones (however iOS are also very achievable through different means) and does require a $4.99 upgrade for more than 5 notifications per day I personally think it's better than Twitter for important notifications.

It uses the Notify My Android API and app.

Sign up for an account at NMA ( Get an API key Use the HTTP based API to send push notifications directly to your android phone

I have only used the URL method so far but I know it is very easy to use that in EZ-Scripts using the HTTPGet() command. This will allow different functions or triggers to send push notifications to your android phone (or any android device running the notify my android app).

User-inserted image

I'll go in to much more detail in a separate post once I have the script etc. all sorted out but thought it may have been of some use to you while Twitter is down. If you have less than 5 notifications per day you shouldn't need a premium account however for $5 it could be worth it to know when you have a problem.

As I said, there is an iOS method too, I'll have to wait until I'm home before I can play with that as I don't have my iPhone with me.


Hi Rich,

Thanks for the tip with "Notify My Android". I am an Android user, so it is good for me.

In the meantime, I have found another way to alert me. I use DropBox. What I do is to save camera snapshot and records directly in my Dropbox folder. Then, there is an option which allow RSS alert each time a change occurs in the folder. That way, I receive a RSS alert when the camera detect something. It is not perfect but it is working good so far.

I will post my whole project of homemade detection and alert system using ARC when I will come back from holidays...


That Alert my Android app is very cool. I am going to need to integrate that into my robot, and home monitoring.


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Looking at the api it should be easy enough to add nativley to ARC if dj has time. But until then ill throw instructions together.



I have register and download the Android app for nma, but I have no idea how to use the HTTP based API to send push notifications to my android phone. If you could (in this thread or maybe in a new one as you suggested) give me a short example of how to send a simple notification from ARC, it would be really helpful.

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@fredebec, when I get home I'll post complete details on how to use it via the HTTP API based method.


I have been absent from the forum (and from robots) for some times now, so I have let this Twitter post unresolved. I have seen that @DJ has done some changes in the Twitter option in a previous update, so I assume the issue has been resolved and I can close this topic... I will test the Twitter options later when I have more time. Thanks