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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!

Trying To Use An Adc Port For Pir

I am trying to use an ADC port to get the signal from a PIR sensor.

I have in my script:


$PIR = GetADC(A7)

and I get this error message;

Error on line 26: Missing String Quotes or Invalid Expression: A

Is it possible to use this port for this purpose?
If so, what is the proper syntax to use it?



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Your syntax is incorrect, see below


What PIR are you using?... The one I have use digital, but they also will work on an analog port as well...
Thanks Richard, I am using a Radio Shack PIR
It should work on analog as well... but remember analog unlike digital (1 or 0) will report values between 0 and 255... So (you have to test this) a value of above 100 might indicate the PIR has been triggered... Like I said you have to test this with your PIR... I have a Parallax PIR and when I use it on analog it activates with a value of around 40 or so is reached... It is meant for digital, but it does work on analog as well...
If the value RX is a 10 you'll receive that error. If you TX from the EZ B 34,40 or 92 you will again receive an error.
DJ knows about this I don't know if he's had a chance to look into it yet.
@mtiberia ... Ummm we're talking about a PIR detector on a digital and analog port not anything related to serial or the UART port....
I know but the issue shows up when trying to save to a file as well. I'm returning from out of town but if my guess is right it will show up when reading from a ADC port as well. I'll test it when I get home.
My bad, downloaded the latest issue of ARC and can now RX all unsigned integers 0 to 255. The only issues remaining are TX or saving 34,40 or 92 and that is the subject of a different post.