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Tomy Robot Wheels - Reproduction

Hi there,
looking at Matts experiences which he shared acouple of months ago here in this forum, I started to try and make reproductions of the wheels myself.
I made silicone molds of Omni 2000, Omnibot and Omni Jr - since all of those rubber wheels are starting to come off.
First, I tried to fill the silicone molds with another silicone to cast the tires but that was totally the wrong way - it all got stuck together - also, silicone breaks easier at a certain point than rubber would.
I had the chance to get the rubber Matt used for his project and tried it with that.
Only problem I am having is that only (!) Omnibot wheels are coming out sticky still - might be the wrong amount of black color, might be something to do with the mold, I will have to try.
Other than that, the only thing that still bothers me is a few bubbles always stay inside...need to work on that.
If anyone ever tries this, dont attempt to fill up several molds at once - I tried that and while I was still trying to fill up the first one, the rubber started to get thicker and thicker - eventually I had to throw quite abit away.
Anyway, here are some pics....
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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Success pictures:

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Thank you guys! I am very pleased with it myself. I have another half a kilo of silicone on the way to make another set of molds - right now I am still trying to have well working molds. I am still learning....

Also, I called a few companies here in Germany to send me samples of their 2 component rubber to find an alternative to whatever Matt had once used...they only ship to the UK unfortunately.

I would love to try one of these:


to see whether I would have less bubbles in the material . It might also help to fill out all the gaps faster.

Only thing is, I have already spent quite a fortune on getting all the material...I really need to start making a few good ones to throw them out onto the market to compensate a little bit.