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To Any With 3D Printer

I was just thinking of a new part for Omni2000s. Make a battery door with the EZ-Robot logo and "EZ-B under the hood", or "Powered by EZ-Robot.com" or just an area for status display or fuse panel.


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United Kingdom
That would also fit the Omnibot 5403, Hearoid, Robbie etc. The battery doors are all the same size:)

I'm in the middle of drawing Melvin in 3D (just to brush up on my skills more than anything), next time I get the inspiration to do more on that I'll take a look at the battery door and throw the source files up for people to play with... That is if nobody else does it first.
United Kingdom
What about the accessory jacks on the door of the Omnibot 2000, Hearoid and Omnibot Mk 2 etc. though? They would still need filling in so, while you wouldn't need to make the whole door it wouldn't hurt. You could also print it with the cut outs already in it for volt meter, ammeter, LCD Display etc.
@Rich, very true. On the same thought, the front panel can be made where the cassette tape drawer and lcd panel use to be.
@robot56, exactly. I'd expect quite a few STL uploaded over the next few months. There are so many creative and talented people in our forum.