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Tip120/Tip122 Darlington Switching Circuit

hi all,

what can i do with a TIP120/TIP122 Darlington switching circuit i think some people connect circuit to dc motors is it possible to run dc motors via TIP120/TIP122 Darlington switching circuit thanks


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If you run an inductive load (such as a motor) make sure you include the diode in the circuit.

Think of the circuit as an on/off switch. You can control pretty much anything with one.


can i control motors with modified servo movement panel?

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No. Using a TIP to control a motor would only allow it to move in one direction. It's either powered up or it isn't. If you want to control DC motors the correct way would be to use a H-Bridge and use the H-Bridge Movement Panel or PWM controls.

Depending on their size there are a few options available. All are covered in the tutorial pages.


to control TIP120/TIP122 Darlington switching circuit i just need to enter Set(d1,on) to turn it on and Set(d1,off) right?


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Or you can add a Set Digital control assigned to the correct port.


thanks rich can i get your e-mail if you dont bother giving it. it would be a lot easier to benefit from your knowledge:)

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you can, it's however questions like these benefit the community as someone may come and search for similar in the future and the answer is right there already:).


okay i will try to write here as much as possible:)

while you are here i have another quick question i am making a robot which goes only forward it uses dc motors i know i can use h-bridges or brushed car esc's but i dont want to spend extra money i already have 2 20amp brushed esc's i will use them since they wont go back is it possible to write a code that will turn robot other then moving backwards thanks

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It depends on how the robot would react to only one side of it's drive moving. Some will circle around but others struggle to move.

I would spend the money on a H-Bridge to be honest, a TIP isn't really the right way to control a motor. You can pick up the TB6612FNG Motor Controller for pretty cheap, it's what I use in my robot. Just be wary of the maximum current it can take. If the motors are high power you will want something along the lines of the Sabertooth.


my motors are mini toy dc motors and my robot can turn right and left really eaisly i just need a code to do that if there is such code it would help me or is there a circuit board that i can make at home if not i just need a code thanks

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PWM on one side for however long it takes for it to do a 180 degree turn.


You may (however I do not know) be able to use the 4 wire HBridge movement panel. Left() and Right() set forward on the one side and reverse on the other, but with no reverse it should still turn. You just wouldn't have Trigger B and would need to set Left and Right Trigger B to unused ports. I have not tried that though.

I still wouldn't suggest running motors from a TIP though but it's your call. Just make sure you make the circuit right and include the diode to save yourself from breaking the EZB.


i decided buying 2.5 Amp Motor Controller from ebay eventually sorry to bother you:)