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Tilt/Pan Parts


Has anyone seen or create tilt/pan 3d parts in stl format to be use with the dev kit camera?


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United Kingdom
Just use one Lever Servo and one Rotation Servo

The STLs for the brackets are in ARC and can be printed from ARC or exported and printed in whatever software you choose.

And DJ beat me to the punch!..
Yeah I did! with photos to boot:D

Thanks, but I forgot to add I'm using Micro Servos.. lol.. I think I found somthing on thingiverse i can use..
Awesome! Share the link for others:)
United Kingdom
Or you could check out JDs head, there's a pan/tilt with a micro servo in there (or at least the tilt is micro, not sure on what's inside the head as I've never opened it up).
Well Finished the Camera mount with just sanding modification.. but it works.. great.. just gotta figure out where the noise is coming from that's shaking the servos..

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