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Throwing Your Robot's Voice

As the EZ Robot system utilizes the PC as the main horsepower behind the robot, it would be great if the robot's voice came from the robot rather than from my nearby PC.

For larger robots, the laptop can be on the robot, but for smaller robots, it not practical.

I'd like to know if anyone is using wireless USB or Bluetooth on the robot to "throw" the voice from the PC to the robot. It seems a wireless USB speaker would do the trip.... thoughts anyone? examples?


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An mp3 trigger and speaker in your bot will play any sound files you have. And it will come from the robot.
United Kingdom
My plan was to use a bluetooth headset and modify it for a different mic & speaker. However, I can't get the turtle beach one to connect as a mic & speaker to the PC (so avoid that one).

You can get bluetooth speakers which would work fine. I haven't found one (or really looked for one) but I assume you can get bluetooth mics too.

MP3 boards are a good option but do limit the responses the bot can give, not an issue in a lot of cases but would be if you wanted the bot to speak using voice synthesis.

Obviously whatever you use will need powering so a +5v voltage would probably be the best option and power direct from the EZ-B, or match it to the battery voltage and come off of that.
My robot's voice comes from the robot. Because I have a netbook on the robot then usb power speakers attached to the netbook and it is part of the robot.
what netbook are you using? What does it take to run the EZ software?