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YOU can make one using large tracks and wheelchair for less

TRACKS JUST LIKE THAT ONE IS ABOUT $250 each,then a used wheelchair


Only if the motors could handle the tracks


They do,rated at 200 lbs per side,right now its part of the JOHNNY FIVE PROJECT


SAME design i am making as soon as the plans are ready and parts.

Full length and detail from the short circuit movie

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That's a pretty cool base, but the price tag is high. That's not to say it isn't worth it, you're right it is an ultimate robot base:)


recaro seat on a wheelchair seem like that is my perfect wheelchair. I will live the way it is, had a few sensor, EZ-B board, have it drive me around autonomously. Oh wait I can't afford it, ooooppppps.


STILL looking at buying a wheelchair and add the tank tracks,but then its not really a robot with arms and a head

I WOULD BUY THE TRACKS ,then make my own base from aluminum and if i want too add arms or claws to it to make it like a tracked rover i saw at a science museum a few months ago ,it was a moon rover design using tracks

SMALL edit IF you look at my vex tracks for my omnibot project it gives you a idea only smaller

my omnibot 2000 project

And i have another VEX chassis and tracks to make a rover project fairly soon

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Open your mind. Robot noun A machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically.

It doesn't need arms and a head, it doesn't need legs, it doesn't need to move around. This brings me back to saying that a washing machine, clothes dryer, toaster etc. can be loosely classed as a robot.



what i call a robot it that it movies,sometimes has a claw or hand and sensors and camera's for navigation

MOSTLY what that one is a machine robot to carry a person

i think that noun was made a very very long time ago,its much different now.

ROBOTS are coming up with different sizes and shapes,ones at the factory are machine robots ,mostly one function per design and programmer need to write a program for it.

I hope to see robots learn on their own someday

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This will be my last post on the subject to avoid any kind of atmosphere in the forum but you need to learn the meaning of the word opinion. You have posted your opinion, and that is fine if you cannot open your mind to accept anything else (no offence meant). But it doesn't alter the definition of a word and you cannot dispute the dictionary, no matter how good you think you are.

But with your opinion, and I can accept that you don't class certain things as robots, you must also respect other people's opinions and accept they may not agree with you.

For your information, the dictionary is often reviewed and definitions altered, words added etc. The good folks who do this have not seen fit to alter the definition of the word Robot.

To add, I have not said you are wrong.

If you disagree with this you are free to disregard it silently. You needn't say another word on the matter, unless of course you want to prove me right every time I have said you want the last word. Belittling remark or just denial with attitude I imagine, prove me wrong I dare you:)


HELLO TOASTER can you please pop a toast for me that will be funny to see

NOW back to wheelchair design ,now if you remove the seat then you can make in to a great robot platform


All the hours adding the EZB , its hard to take that I may not have a Robot after all.

User-inserted image

stress stress stress


BRAVIA that is what a robot should look like ,very cool design

i look at robots mostly moving them selves,without a chair for a person to sit