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This Really Freaking Blows

to be honest i think its the camera...the entire set up started acting like this once i integrated the camera feature....



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Set it aside a few days , let it settle . You won't be productive if you are stressed out about the recent failure , find something else simple to mod on your bot , paint Somthing or whatever just don't mess with software a few days until your eager to jump back in agian. Your suffering from burnout. Lots of time spent with anticipation and excitement and you heart drops to your stomach when Somthing goes wrong. Believe me c software messing up is the best thing to go wrong. I've had things short out and fry , a power supply spike to higher voltage , components top working , loose a remote connections the moment before my plane crashes into the side of a truck. Yup just burnout:) it will be okay man. I been working on my omnibot project like 2 months now ,in that time I lost a uncle , grandma and girlfriend but my bot is still here :)


Hey hoolagen. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm farmiliar with that feeling too and I agree with jstarne1, let it settle for a while and give it some time. Youll get new ideas and inspiration, maybe improve on the setup you had before. Take this occasion to allow ur mind to drift into other directions for a bit and see a wider spectrum of possibilities.

When im working on stuff within a program, I tend to save the same thing under 2 different names. Like I use photoshop a lot for work, and what I do is I save it regularly as i progress and name it for example "TestFile1.psd" and save it in a folder called 'workbench'. by the end of the day I'll save the whole lot as "MainFile1.psd" in a folder 'myworks' also.

The next day I'll have 2 files both containing the same work, in 2 different locations. If one file has gotten corrupt, I'll still have the other. I too have expreienced lots of situations where all my time of hard work has gone out the window, it is seriously aggrivating. It only takes a few seconds to save twice and it works pretty well to prevent messed up situations like these from happening. I hope this may be of some help to you, and I'm sure you'll be back in business in no time.



Welcome to the world of windoz! I remember the first time I worked on a mainframe some 20 years ago or so. I would make some simple change to a COBOL program and then save it simply because I was used to saving ofter because of crashes in windoz. Eventually the mainframe wouldn't let me save any longer. Turns out, at least back on that mainframe, you could only save so many times before you had to reclaim the space (can't remember what the term/command was) because you just didn't need to save that often since the mainframe rarely crashed! Oh well, good luck!


Post your EZB file and i'll take a look at it.


hey guys...thanks for the support and the advice....DJ thanks for the offer...but i know you're busy and dont need this crap...but thanks,

i will for ever save to the cloud now.

on a completely deferent subject i found that if you cant restore your operating system to a previous restore point.

in windows 7 you can go to any file, (.ezb included) right click and hit restore to a previous point.

sorry for flipping my baby back.