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haha - oh my... now i'm dating myself! That came as a demo app for the creative labs sound card on my 286! eak


yep. It was fun to play with for a bit, but the most fun was being able to say SAY and then what you wanted it to say. Things like "David, your brother is a jerk" and such when I was really young were fun especially when he was walking by my room...

The beatings normally started shortly after. He was a couple of years older so, I normally got the worst end of the deal, but it wouldn't stop me from doing it again.


Ha Ha that brings back fond memories of my Soundblaster One card and the single speed CD Drive which you had to put the CDs into a special case (like an overgrown 3.5" floppy) before inserting into the drive. That was $1000 back then, but I "justified it" with the boss (wife) as it came with some educational CDs. Considering money doubles in value (or does it devalue?) every 10 years, that's nearly the equivalent of $8000 in today's $s The demo DOS app was an AI program which you could converse with Dr Sbaitso by typing in questions/responses - pretty impressive for its time! Yes, we used to make the Doc say things as well :)

I think the voice Dr Stephen Hawking uses today is very similar!