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Resolved Resolved by Dave Schulpius!

This ARC Build Has Expired

I don't know if anyone else has an issue with this error, but it can have dire consequences.
I have had to reschedule a day's filming because the ARC software will not run.
Can you please modify ARC so that it always starts, regardless of the version?
It is totally unacceptable to have the software fail just before filming or a presentation.
Often it coincides with having slow or no internet access to download the latest version.

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If you haven't already seen this, Synthiam has changed to a fee based software. You now have to download the either the free (very limited) version or pay for the Pro version. They also have a version for businesses and educators (I think).  For the last two they want you to contact their support team. 

If you haven't downloaded one of the above new versions I'm pretty sure this is your problem.

More info here:
No I had not seen this. Thanks for pointing it out.
I am in the camp that prefers to pay for a version of the software once, then pay for upgrades if I want to.
The AU$150 is a fair chunk of money for users such as me. All my activities are voluntary and generate no income.
I will be demonstrating the ARC software at CosPar2021 which is a scientific assembly. So if it falls over, many people around the world are going to know.
The more I think about these new costs and the pricing structure for ARC, the more problems I envisage.
Firstly as I already have 4 robots using ARC and this number will likely increase, I cannot have all 4 going at the same time without doubling the annual license fee. Also the idea of having a mini PC attached to each robot to make them independent, is similarly costly, as it would mean more computers to have a license. I may have to move to Arduino to keep the costs manageable.
And sorry, I have another question. Does the annual licence include limiting the ARC mobile usage? I have numerous tablets for connecting to my robots.
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Mobile is not affected by the license change. You can run multiple copies of ARC on the same computer still. The lowest version of ARC gives you the ability to run on 2 computers. Find out more here: https://synthiam.com/Products/ARC

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Oh, and I made it super easy to change machines. You'll see once subscribed - once you load ARC on a new PC, it'll subscribe to the cloud service and ask to register the machine. Simply press YES and its registered. Otherwise, you can view the subscribed PCs in the manager and remove them as needed. So it's not locked forever on one PC. You can change what PC each seat is connected to at the press of a button:)

Described in a bit of detail while viewing plans..
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I don't mean to sound alarmist, but will every robot in the world that relies on ARC software under Windows10 stop working after 12 months, unless the subscription is renewed?
Your subscription will renew automatically unless you cancel it. We’ll send notice ahead of time to make sure you know it’s coming up:)
I understand, but I presume ARC can only renew automatically if the payment and email details remain the same 12 months down the track. This is often not the case. Will ARC stop working if the renewal does not happen?
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From what I've been able to figure out ARC checks the subscription status every 7 days. When it's connected to the internet. No internet connection, no check. I don't know if it keeps track of the date and kills the program after a year if it can't confirm the subscription. Maybe ARC will stop if it doesn't connect and check every 7 days.