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Thinking Of Selling Ez-Robot

Well, thought the kids would enjoy the robot(JD) more but they don't. We all put it together and did some exercises with it and now they don't even ask doing anything with it. So I may sell it if someone is interested. Still mint condition and original box/packaging. Extra battery to. If anyone is interested let me know? Also if I sell it locally, what should I ask to get for it?

Hate to do it, as the community here is great, but its just collecting dust, so to say.

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What do you have and how much you offering?


Sorry, its a JD. Not for sure what to ask, take offers...


Have you decided on a price, including shipping within US?


I guess around $400 with shipping. I have people interested but none have actually came forward. Everything is in MINT condition, even the box and plastic around it except for bottom.


Too bad the kids weren't into it. Although I personally prefer Six and Roli to JD (Six for the cool factor, Roli because he can actually be useful), I would have killed to have any of these when I was a kid.

Not enough disposable cash to make you an offer right now, but I hope you find it a good home.




Do you have a paypal account to take a payment? If so, please zap me a note at

I will happily take it off your hands. (I have one JD and twin boys)

-- Bob


Best offer so far is $425.

lamachine, if you match that you can have it. Would ship UPS ground. Also would need to know if you want me to take it apart or leave it assembled? If leave assembled, may be another $10 for shipping as it would require either bigger box or two boxes.

Let me know, as I could ship this Thursday.


I thought the kids would like it more. They helped put it together, made it dance with music. They watched pretty much all the videos. They did the web cam and a small VB application. They want the robot to be bigger and look more humanoid, so they say. I personally hate to sell it, but no need for it to just sit here.



No worries, I will just get another from DJ if you have a buyer already. Thanks.

-- Bob O

PS, I am putting the (literal) cart ahead of the (figurative) horse. My boys are not even three years old and are scared by JD more often than not!


lamachine, do you want the robot fro $425 shipped. Also includes extra battery. If so you want it assembled or just the way the come in the box?


69 - did your children explore the customization factor? For example, taking the robot apart to build other robots? Would that have been more evident if there were more apps for jd with different configurations?

I think we are expecting too much from customers to build custom robot configurations on their own. It's becomong clear that it may be our job to provide robot configurations.

Would that have been worth exploring?


They want to build a robotic arm with the camera mounted on it, but I don't think we had enough components to do that anyways. At first they was all excited, but once they made it dance, seems like that was it, then I had to make them play with it. I think they had in their minds it was going to be more like the NAO robot, but I explained to them the HUGE price difference and that was not an option.



I just want to throw my 2 cents in. I am not trying to change your mind or anything like that. It is just an observation that I have made from teaching students robotics using this platform.

A robot is cool. Pretty much any robot is cool. The thing that people expect from robots is interaction on a level that is at the user's level. For example, my granddaughter will not be interested in the same robot that I am if it tells her the weather, sports and news. I lose interest in a robot that tells me nursery rhymes or plays childrens songs. I can appreciate the technology but if it does repetitive things at the same level, it becomes a toy that is put on the shelf. A dancing robot is great for the first few times it dances, but once the dance is seen by the user a couple of times, the robot is boring.

EZ-Robot, more than any other platform, gives you the ability to program a robot to adjust to different situations. DJ hit on a good point in that the EZ-Robot kits can be modified to have more uses than just the designed kit.

From your name on the forum, I assume that you are a programmer of some sort. Have you explored the SDK? It might allow you to have a way to teach your children some fundamental programming techniques. They may be too young for this, I don't know.

What I am trying to say is that the NAO, unless programmed, will be the same thing, but as you mentioned, with a much higher price tag. There are other costs associated with this robot above and beyond the initial sticker shock price. I dont have one myself, but other forum members do and have experienced disappointment with how difficult it is to make this robot do simple actions. Meanwhile, they have 2 JD's dancing in close to synchronization. They have made modifications to their JD's to customize them to their liking. I would say that they have learned far more about robotics with the JD than they have with the NAO. I like how the NAO looks and it looks like a cool platform, but I would venture to say from other users experiences that the JD is a much better learning platform.

I hope you find a use for JD and something that interests your children. In the long run, I think they will be a better solution.


@d.cochran You forgot you are looking at the perspective on how you and I grew up... I never got anything for free... Sure I got birthday and Christmas gifts, but if I really wanted something I had to do chores or help my dad at work and save my money... And when I bought something I appreciated it and played with it until it was pretty much all worn out... because I earned it... We didn't have the excess we have today... We didn't assume entitlement. Kids now are given everything they want... Sometimes just to keep them quiet... Many aren't being taught to earn things like we were... So when they are given something like an iPod or JD Robot within 15 minutes they are bored and want something new... It's even worse if they actually have to do something more than just pushing buttons...

True story... I had an ex who bought her kid an iPod because he leaned to tie his shoes... The bar has been set so low now. No point in even getting up in the morning... LOL

What are they going to do when they get a job and are expected to work? When I grew up I knew if I wanted a house and car I would need to earn them by getting a job... The entitlement generation (I assume) are just going expect mom and dad to give the a house and car...

@69developer.... I have no idea what your kids are like so the above is not directed at you personally...



there is a book from suske&wiske or jommeke calt children boss. it came out some 20 years ago.the writer allreddy knew, this was going to happen.nowadays some get cosmetic surgery, while they dont need it.just to show off to friends.

i to had to work early to earn some money.i drag whit old paper. i bouth figurs from mattel like big jim.


maybe yours kids aren't into programming yet. nao is not for kids consider the prize and cost if you need a repair. 150 euro to use there program each year.

maybe a robosapien v2 will do the trick.


Don't know how we somewhat got off track. My kids don't have everything given to them, they have many chores and also lots of community activities. They were given a loan from me and had to pay me back from their own account. They shoveled a lot of snow this year...LOL

They didn't loos interest after 15 minutes, heck it took them about 2-3 days to read and watch all the tutorials. They played with the robot for one solid weekend and pretty much did all things with it. The boy wrote a application that made it move around a bit ( I had to help him get started is all).

Plus now that baseball season has begun, they kinda loose interest in electronics.

NAO is for kids and adults in my opinion. I've seen one in operation and saw the development kit. Just on the expensive side, way too expensive, for now.

Robosapien V1 and V2, have both. Heck have one V2 in original box and never opened (collectors item). I could possibly sell that one also.

Anyways, still need to sell.

@lamachine - just need to know if you want assembled or all back in box.

Oh, one last thing, I wish the software and hardware was open sourced.


Just send me an email so we can close out... boxed is just fine.