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Can the Roli actually think for itself, like if I made a program called "clean room" but the robot was elsewhere in the house, would it know to go to the room first and then carry out the code. Thanks.


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if you can program the logic, yes it can be done. The best way to do this is to look at how you would accomplish the task and break it down into steps. you would be able to program these steps.

The computer controls the robot, so you have a ton of processing power at your disposal. it would just be up to you to do the programming to make it happen.

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Thanks for the quick reply! I can do a small a bit of Python programming but how many lines would it normally take?

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You would use EZ-Script not Python

How many lines? Well my Ping Roam script which only avoids objects and nothing more is 9 scripts which range from anything between 15 and possibly around 80 or 90 lines. Lines of code are irrelevant though to be honest.

Have a look at the EZ-Script Manual.

But it isn't all programming and coding. ARC has built in controls which do a lot of the hard work for you.


ARC is nothing like other programming languages. It is far easier in my opinion. Tasks are easily broken out into their own routines and then called from a script.

I want you to understand that its not that it will be easy to do, but yes, it could be done. It would take a lot of scripting in any programming language. It would be impossible for someone to be able to tell you about how many lines as nobody knows exactly what you are talking about (how large is the room or what the definition of clean is) but yes, the robot would have the ability to find things on the floor, potentially identify them, and then move them to a specific point to lay them down. He wouldn't be able to clean the dust off of a ceiling fan without your help, or some other things that would be physically impossible for him to do.

I would download ARC and play with it. It will help you learn how it works and will allow you to make an educated guess on what can be done. The download is free and will work without a robot.


Roomba's do it... But then I am sure they have some serious $ sunk into the developing of the software to do it..... If you have the skill and you're willing to program it, then sure...


It would need to know its current location, try adding a gps chip


@Perses... But consumer based GPS is only accurate within maybe 10 ft.... How would that work for indoor navigation when down to the inch matters? Wheel encoders would be a better option. Glyph recognition navigation is also possible too....


You could also use glyths, or roborealm with the AVM navigation. I would add a compass though to make programming easier.


Since were not getting silly at all here :P Maybe the op can hack a Neato for it's Botvision scanning radar...;)

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If you are new to this you need to start small and get bigger.

Start with the cleaning process, get that working. Then move on to the next task,, then the next, then the next etc. You will learn along the way and begin to understand what's needed for each task.

If you jump in at the deep end without any knowledge or understanding you will run in to problem after problem. Start small, learn along the way and you will minimise the problems.