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Think My Camera Was Glued

Hello i think my camera was glued together as i cant get it apart at all i was hoping to connect it to my EZ-B like DJ did in this Video but nomatter what i do i cant open it at all:(


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Try harder. Some are very tough to get in to. My first one fell apart in transit which was great but my second was very tight. I had to run a blade around where the plastic and metal meet so I could fit a screw driver in there to lever it apart.

Brute force and ignorance may be required.


i just broke a brass screw driver trying to open it lol


ok i got it open it was exstreamly hard and i compleatly destroyed the case but now its open and i see that yes it was glued together there is a big gob of glue at the usb connection and its compleatly rapped in masking tape holding the batt in place now i hope a can find where to solder the trigger wire to and hope it still works lol


The camera is glued because it is meant to be in one piece. You would need to pry it apart (as detailed in my instructions) to separate it.:)


lol I pryed and pryed and pryed till she gave in and told me what was wong lol

i think i need a bigger workbench my table is just to small "as you can see" and the floor is hard on my back lol User-inserted image

now i just need to studie that video closely to try to see just where to solder that wight wire

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User-inserted image

Just there:)


Rich in your photo its hard to see just what that yellow wire is solderd to is it on the surfus mount device rite on the edge of the bourd or is it on the switches mounting post ¿¿¿

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Its not my photo, but I'm pretty sure its on the mounting post.


ok i hope thats it but i think i will wait abit before i make that connection

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Its my pic

The yellow wire is as Rich says connects to the switch terminal. Follow the circuit board tracks so the camera thinks the switch is pressed when the its actually an EZB port

Like the desk Wolfie mines not much better!


I just did this last night. Turned out pretty good. Be careful soldering as it's really tight in there. it's easy to splash or overfill. The guys are wright, attach to the left switch leg (looking from the underside). Attach to the termenal and not the switch support. Its attached to ground.

To turn the camera on your script will have to keep the digital port on for 2 seconds. Then to turn it off the port should come on for 5-8 seconds. find the timing that works best for you.