Thermal Camera AMG 8833 Connection And Overlay

Hi DJ Sir,

First of all thank you very much for creating such a wonderful software called ARC which made my dream robot come true, but at present i got stuck with the thermal camera. I request you to guide me how to connect AMG8833 with openCM 9.04 and overly the image using ARC?

Waiting your advice.

Warm Regards, Kishore Rao.

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Hello @Electrofurb.

To connect the AMG8833 to the OpenCM you would need to use I2C (likely with level shifting).

There is an Arduino library by Sparkfun that should help you with the communication but it will merely give you empirical data.

In order to get visual color image you would likely have to build your own skill control or try to get the USB version from Digikey and try to incorporate their software in some way.

The only other idea I can think of is using the empirical data with the E-19 RGB 8x8 display but you would have to make the E-19 first. The E-19 is 64 pixels which is the same resolution as the Grid Eye. Looks like Sparkfun has done it in the past.


Interesting sensor. I2c is pretty slow but it can work.

so the arduino you’re using is the robotis opencm... hmm, I don’t think i2c is implemented in the ezb firmware.

i can add support for I2c. But then you’d need someway to view the data. Using I2c read commands, you can easily store the data in an array to access via code. But sounds like you’d like to visually see the 64x64 image? If so, a skill control would be created.

I can help with that, but I’d first like to know what you would use the sensor for? Do you have an idea of what the sensor would be used for on your robot? That’ll help me understand the skill control features

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Hey DJ,

We have an AMG8833 eval board in the lab if you want me to send you one.

It's an 8 x 8 image (64 pixels total) which matches perfectly to 8 x 8 RGB matrix displays.


I’ll take a look when I’m back. Sure we can come up with something interesting with it


Hi DJ Sir, I am really glad to see your swift reply. As you mentioned above, yes I want to connect the AMG8833 and view the 64x64 image (like how we view the image through camera control along with the overlay) and the robot will display the warning if the temperature is above the desired level. Actually I am developing a robotic device which scans the PCB and identify the electronic component which is getting overheated. Please don’t worry about the resolution, just a rough overly with temperature reading will do. Hope you will help me to complete my project. I also like to Thank Jeremie Sir for the feedback. With warm regards, Kishore Rao.

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User-inserted image

This is the sensor which i want to incorporate in my project.

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Hi DJ Sir,

Hope you are doing well. I am waiting for your guidance. I understand you are very busy with your schedule, sorry to bother you.

Regards, Kishore Rao


We'll be playing with it live tonight:


Hi DJ Sir,

First of all thank you very much for the hacking video. The time when i started this project an year ago in India, only OpenCM9.04 was available and EZrobot DIY kit was not available in India, hence i was forced to go with Opencm along with dynamixels which is very unfortunate for me. Hence don't mistake me otherwise. I once again appreciate your effort and pray god to give you strength and good heath to carry your good work.

Looking forward for your next hack video.

Thanks & Regards, Kishore Rao.