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It wasn't boring at all, but most of the time I would have a better time in understanding Chinese.  My first Inmoov robot used arduino. as a controller and with the my robot labs  software I was getting nowhere fast.  as DJ stated in this Hack session there are engineers and there are programmers, I love to build but have difficulty with the programming so I am an engineer.   I had almost given up with ever seeing my inmoov  move.  then I saw a magazine article showing EZ Robot and EZ_B and DJ.    I purchased EZ Robot controller. and with EZ-B  I had my inmoov robot doing remarkable things in only a few days.     Thanks DJ.    The point I am making.  DJ tried to make the arduino device work and he ran out of time, but he plugged in a EZ-Robot and it worked immediately, well almost immediately.   That is the kind of controller we need to keep for Engineer type Robot builders like me. If something goes wrong  with arduino devices that stops us in our tracks.  I  have lots of arduino and I keep them in a drawer. Rant is over .


Yes it was really interesting to listen to DJ's vision of what exciting things will be presented in the near future.Also , the history of how he got to where he is today. It reminded me of my own child hood attempts at wanting to build my first robot at about 11 years old and dreaming of having my own real R2D2 or Cylon even. I remembered how I built a Cylon helmet using a Fireman's helmet and paper mache to shape it with a light bulb for the eye,LOL! Learning simple electronic circuits with a childs experimenting kit. I never forgot those dreams. Much older now the EZB system let me finaly do all the things I dreamed of as a kid. Who says you need to be a kid to have fun with robotics, I say it is the brilliant Future for all.